Hot Hole Instruments

... a mulit-faceted instruments design, manufacturing, geothermal, oil and gas company. Hot Hole Instruments has been in the surveying and monitoring business for over 30 years, and where it determined better technology or equipment could be designed has ventured into manufacturing, production and distribution of quality machinery, tools and parts.  Hot Hole Instruments provides services and equipment to many destinations and has performed services in the USA, Oman, Mexico, Asia and the Middle East.

Surveying, Testing and Monitoring Downhole Conditions

Hot Hole Instrument provides several medium for monitoring, surveying and conducting tests on wellbores, including "E-wire/Wireline" running apparatus, and Slick-line running apparatus.  Hot Hole Instruments started in the business of design, manufacturing and monitoring for well surveillance nearly 4 decades ago.  It has maintained its cutting edge proprietary technology for maximizing client benefits as the industry changes have demanded equivalent changes in technology.  Hot Hole provides many different sizes of Spinner and Krypton testing tools.

PATS (Pressure, Temperature, and Spinner)

The HHI PATS is a unique instrument which monitors five independent parameters simultaneously {pressure, temperature, internal temperature, CCL and flow rate}.  These parameters, at logging speeds up to 350 ft/min, are transmitted to the surface via single conductor and displayed by digital and analog real time readout.  Each parameter is sampled 10 times each second.  This information is also displayed on a PC through state of the art programming which processes the data and sends it to a parallel printer, for both analog and digital printouts.  The PATS employs an interchangeable impeller to accommodate numerous range s of flow velocity, incorporates non-clogging bearings and adjustable dual centralizers.


PATS :: Shows pressure gradient of entire wellbore


PATS :: Charting complete flow profile of entire wellbore locating cavities